Another blog place

I was initially going to Wordpress. org and all it asked me to do was to download a software, which I did and found it quite confusing…. anyway It took me quite a few more minutes until I finally come to WordPress. com and started my account. Guess Wordpress could make this more easier by putting a link or something on the “” page.

First impression, this is a blog spot that is quite different from other blogs I encountered before, like Windows Space or Bloggers. The frontpage looks nice and friendly, and i was surprised that there is not much eye-crossing ads popping in front of me.  This also seems to be a blog place where every blogs are clearly tagged and well-organized, and i have to say that most blogs are well-written with some extent of depth and professional attitude, rather than simply daily bitchings and gossips, it’s like everybody is trying to “publish” something that is worth reading and sharing.

Besides, it  seems to have a very good connections with other social network websites like Facebook and Twitters.

I also find the multi-language supportive web framework very intriguing. It provides a quite smooth experience e to search and read blogs other than English, which is a really cool thing for multi-language users like me.

Havn’t tried all the features in the right column, but will definitely do…..

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