Australian Pavilion for 2010 Shanghai World Expo Homepage

As a local Shanghainese, I pay particular attention to Shanghai World Expo, which is to be held between May and October 2010.

The website for Australian Pavilion was launched in early 2009, it provides very detailed information about the Pavilion itself including its construction process and the series of events to be held in the Pavilion. It also contains a significant proportion of content in promoting the national image of Australia and the country’s culture. Besides, there is also a page devoted particularly to Australia-China relationship.


I guess the presence of Australian Pavilion in Shanghai World Expo is a good chance to tighten the cultural ties between the two countries, which would be beneficial to the business development for both. This seems to be even more important especially after the wide media coverage about the incidents that caused fluctuations in the relationship, such as the Rio Tinto case as well as the issue related to Rebiya Kadeer.

The theme of the Pavilion is positioned as ImagiNation.

And the  mascot is one cheeky kookaburra named “Peng Peng”.


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