Just Plane Thoughts by Malaysian Brand AirAsia

I found this interesting site while navigating through the Malaysian AirAsia website. The company innovatively embedded this blog called Just Plane Thoughts into its customer service website.

 (Source: AirAsia)

It is like a digital version of those magazines offered by airplane company for you to read while sit on the plane. In this blog, the readers (not just AirAsia customers) can submit blog posts related to their travel experiences. They feature a wide range of topics like shopping and dining accounts as well as experiences in airports around the world. Some posts also include personal photos and videos. The blog also provide information about the company’s latest offer and services, and encourage people to comment on it and provides recommendations for their future improvement (See here). Besides, the blog is also a platform for the company to handle some of their public crisis, as it has posts showing how the corporate deal with people’s complaints and respond to issues related to the damage of corporate’s public image (like this post). 

I think the function of this blog involves a mix of public relation and advertising. It plays an important role in presenting the corporate’s respect and responsibility to its current and potential customers. So it can be seen as a good example which incorporates digital social media into corporate business.

For extra example of using digital media for promotion of corporate culture, see my previous posting here. Besides, I found here is also an excellent posting regrading Lipton.

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