Go Out by Blur

This video by Blur is quite brilliant. Initially I thought I have clicked on the wrong link, so I kept going back to search for the “real version” of this music video again and again. This “fake” video looks like an amateur DIY ice-cream cooking video made by a Chinese girl, just like many other DIY cooking videos out there — the uploader wanted to trick audience to click on the video by titling it after Blur’s new song. However, after my few attempts to find the “real” version..I  realised that that is it, even though I couldn’t believe my eyes for a few seconds.

I am quite surprised by the Chinese elements they brought into this song…the subtitles are basically the cooking recipe in traditional Chinese and have nothing to do with the song… except for a few random appearance of the lyrics. but apparently it is an album that has deep link with Hong Kong. The songs were made in Hong Kong while the band were stranded there between two concert tours. They seemed to have nothing else to do there but to make some songs to entertain themselves.  To me, Hong Kong brings some degree of culture shock to them….food, crowds, protests, so shocking that it actually inspired them to look for a way to attack and cure by creating something more shocking and hard to understand.

So far this is the first track released for this album- The Magic Whip. The cover is an ice-cream-shaped Neon light…a pretty straight forward symbol of urban night life… This whole idea would fit well into one of Wong Kar-wai’s movies…stranded city dwellers trying to break out of the suffocation of urban life with their imaginary magic whips….shocking it might seem, but it is probably also one of the fascinating things about urban life.

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